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How Much is Effective Recovery Analysis Worth to You?

posted by Joe Galanes at 2015-09-19 15:35:00

Training does not make you stronger, faster or fitter. Those benefits only come during recovery, when adaptation takes place. No matter how hard you train, without adequate recovery, you’ll not only squander your hard training effort – you’ll also struggle to recuperate for your next session. 

Heart rate variability (HRV) is the gold standard for testing recovery.  And Firstbeat is the gold standard for HRV analysis.  Jim and his team at EPT are committed to using sound scientific principals in their coaching and Firstbeat's HRV analysis is a big part of that.

It was recently suggested at the U.S. Ski Team's coaching symposium in Lake Placid that resting heart rate (HR) and/or orthostatic HR testing are a viable alternative to Firstbeat's HRV analysis.  Apparently, some questioned the cost of Firstbeat's HRV analysis.  

Can coaches and athletes obtain similar results using resting HR or orthostatic testing? The short answer is no. Resting HR measures are too imprecise, inconsistent and highly variable.  Here's demonstrable proof.  Below are two clips of recovery data. Each of the two illustrations show athletes with very similar resting HR but in widely disparate states of recovery. Resting HR simply does not provide reliable guidance.  

Recovery Chart 1


Athletes are investing tremendous resources in time, energy and money to improve their performance.  EPT does not believe cheaping out on recovery analysis after such a big investment is a smart decision.  The best equipment and glacier training camps are going to be of little use once an athlete has been overtrained.  Top performance requires a wise allocation of time, energy and resources.  Ignoring Firstbeat's revolutionary HRV analysis in favor of less effective measures is in our view a shortsighted decision.  


posted at: 2015-09-19 15:35:00, last updated: 2015-09-19 17:23:28

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