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Recovery Follow-Up

posted by Joe Galanes at 2015-09-19 21:03:00

Recovery Analysis - A Follow-Up

In a recent post we asked a question:  "How Much is Effective Recovery Analysis Worth to You?"   Today we thought it might be helpful to make the discussion a bit more theoretical.  We want to provide you with Firstbeat's basis for its Recovery analysis as compared to other methodologies.  Rather than recreate the wheel, we are providing a link to Firstbeat's White Paper;  Recovery Analysis for Athletic Training Based on Heart Rate Variability


Here are the summary bullet points from Firstbeat's Analysis:


  • The benefits of training are accomplished only through the recovery process
  • Too much of body stress and lack of recovery results in overloading, in contrast always perfect recovery may tell that training load is rather low resulting in suboptimal time management and/or inefficient training
  • Recovery needs to be evaluated to optimize training load for optimal improvements in performance
  • The Firstbeat method for analyzing recovery in athletic training is based on beat-by-beat heart rate measurement and advanced utilization of heart rate variability (HRV)
  • The method can be applied for measuring overall stress and recovery balance over the day (24h), recovery during night’s sleep or quick recovery tests during daytime
  • The Firstbeat method has been shown to be very sensitive for changes in recovery status
  • The method allows individual recovery monitoring systematically and repeatedly

Jim Galanes and his EPT team have been working with Firstbeat for several years.  He has years of experience interpreting Firstbeat's recovery reports and applying the information to his athletes' day to day training plans.  It is an invaluable resources that helps him manage their workloads.  As always we welcome your comments and questions.


Here's a link to Firstbeat's work:




In case any of our readers are appropriately skeptical - here's another paper discussing HRV recovery analysis called "Don't Stress! - using HRV data to optimise rest and recovery"



posted at: 2015-09-19 21:03:00, last updated: 2015-09-22 10:02:13

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